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Basic modules

Basic modules consist of

  • System administration
  • Configuration
  • Objects and users rules
  • Basic data

Application window

Main application window

Window head Same as in other Windows applications the head is the upper window bar. It contains important operation items, buttons Maximize, Minimize, End and completely on the left a button for the window menu. This should displays name of the company on which you are currently working.

Menu bar This is a list of menu with a wide range of functions on offer. You control these by your mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

Status bar This is a lower part of the system window.

Main menu selection This is a list of individual components of Orsoft system. A place where you select which part of the system you want to work with. The main menu options are arranged to various levels. In the first level you can find modules (such as Accounting, Human resources etc.). In the second level then, you can find individual lists (Accounting timetable, Journal, Invoices out etc.).

Data window

Datas are displays in individualy windows.

Browse window - a list with data. The lists comprise of individual entries (account, accounting document line, invoice out, etc.), one line, one entry.

Detail/Form For entering and editing the data into a database or for searching the details of database records a dialog box called form is being used in the system.

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